Tesseract T-Shirt


After working at Adobe for almost 3 years and seeing a boat-load of amazing product and design ideas shrivel and die, I decided to do something about it. My team had worked on a new product concept for 3 months and it was getting to the point where its fate was to be decided = a committee of product managers, directors, and VPs were going to engage with our thinking and research. So I did what any company-card-carrying UX manager would do in order to make sure his/her work and ideas got their fair chance… I ordered some project T-shirts as an internal marketing effort to drum up support. Almost a year later – the T-shirts are still being worn and this project, it’s ethos, and sponsors are on their way making an amazing new product for Adobe Analytics.


Sometimes great ideas die because others don’t understand them, they threaten development resources, or force others to rethink other products. And sometimes you have to stand-up for those ideas. I love T-shirts and how they can express ideas and values. I decided that by designing a nice-looking T-shirt and selectively asking other developers and product managers who were in favor of this project to wear one, we could create some solidarity, resolve, and support for our effort. I think this T-shirt idea also changed the way people looked at UX design inside of Adobe (Lehi campus). Instead of seeing a group of beard-growing, messenger-bag-wearing designers – they saw us as active participants in the product design process… and that was worth every penny of the express shipping I paid to get them to Utah in time for our presentation. :)