Story of Design: USU Hashimoto Art Seminar


I was invited to speak at the Hashimoto Art Seminar series at my alma mater, USU. This was especially exciting for me because as a design student, I also attended this visiting artist series as part of my design curriculum. The topic that I chose to speak about was UX Design, through the title “The Human Experience, a technology story”.


I love being able to talk about design, it’s an important story of the human experience. I’m even more passionate about the experiences we have with technology. One of the things I feel like is important to present in such an introductory message is, to understand the breadth of UX design – the methods, skills, and rigor needed to work with technology. This is not a creative process that happens within one’s mind – but instead is played out with a team, and with processes. I also speak to the need for UX designers to understand cognitive ergonomics and psychology. I think most students are surprised to hear that there is a strong business perspective to UX design, and that it’s not a “creative” job. Finally, I think it’s important to help them to understand how creativity can fits, by relating to them the LEGO storyboards we built at Adobe.