Micro Interactions

In addition to the product chrome, my team has also provided design specifications for the “micro interactions” of our editor’s canvas. This is work that I directed over the last 3 months, making sure that we had simple, consistent, easily-learned behaviors of interacting with shapes on canvas. The primary designer was Matthew O’Rourke – a sensitive and detailed oriented design on my team that had a strong aptitude for precision and detail.

Matt’s own interests are in all things “Swiss designed” and beautiful fonts. He’s a purist who values simplicity and distains flourish and decoration. In other words, he was perfect for the job. Matthew designed over 300 of these micro interaction boards as an interaction system for our engineers. He had to capture each state, condition, and scale of our canvas elements for each type of core interaction.

In the end, the body of work that we created was both incredibly delicate and thoughtful. At times, I think he was created modern art. The lines, arrows, and colors inspired all those who worked with him to want to rebuild even the standard shapes in our shape library. At times, others commented that they wished our canvas and shapes could look as good as his mocks.

I think good design, even on a tediously small scale, can inspire others and become a beautiful language of detail that only designers can evoke and care for. While we didn’t get all of the design work built in the time we had, we still have people 2 months later wanting to get back to this project, to continue to improve the details that their attention was brought to perceive.