Lego Storyboards


While at Adobe, my team was in charge of helping out with a massive MRD to kick off a new product. Previously, we had done some conceptual work to paint a picture of what was possible for this new product direction. The MRD had matured to the point where the UX design team needed to start providing stronger product experience direction to support the extensive MRD content. Because our MRD had nearly a dozen personas and large organization settings and use-cases, we decided to scale our storyboard work to reusable scenes and a large cast – and because working with a big green tub of LEGOs with others is a ton of fun! These pictures showcase this work.


Unless we had used LEGOs, I would have been stuck with drawing over 30 storyboard pictures. Using LEGOs we developed a cast, built a half a dozen “set pieces”, and complete scenarios in under 6 hours. Not only was it highly efficient to use LEGOs this way, but it also allowed for multiple participants (UX & Product Managers) to engage and evaluate the epics for the MRD. Multiple times, we found ourselves rethinking details of the MRD epics because of the involvement and social nature of this activity. Oh – and in case you’re wondering, I used my iPhone for all the pictures. The close-up depth of field is sweet!