Enterprise Features


As Lucid has moved towards enterprise offerings – we’ve had to build out more robust enterprise features, along with an “Team Admin” section of our product where admins can control features for sharing, security, and integrations.


Back-end, administrative feature design can strike the fear into the heart of any designer. Can you say boring? Well, this design work was critical for my company because it represented the features and offering that allowed us to close and support enterprise deals. With that in mind, I did my best to design an incredible interface for IT Administrators. This part of our product has become the selling point and used in all the demos. I continue to receive positive feedback from both the sales team (who demos this) and customers.

One of the most difficult things about designing back-end controls for software is the heavy-handed influence that the technology demands. I designed almost 15 versions of this product, each file/version containing almost 90 boards. In the end, because of the meticulous approach to design, my team can now better keep the other permission and account

systems in check through the entire product.