Diagramming App


Lucid Software recently updated their diagramming app to be native IOS app. Previously their mobile diagramming tool was just an app that was running a web browser – trying to offer a touch experience through a modified UI. My team was part of the design from the beginning, providing iterations through usability testing, technology changes, and cross-device updates. I directed the design effort, while the primary design was contributed by Matthew O’Rourke.


This was the first real mobile project that came out of Lucid Software’s mobile development team. It was incredibly valuable to have a strong influence from the beginning of the project. Because this product was re-built from the ground up, my team had enough time to thoroughly iterate through many design directions. Starting with “blue sky” was quite a challenge for a novice designer on my team. On such a large project, he struggled to keep pace, understand a cadence for deliverables, and take ownership of his design work – but in the end, he developed an incredible aesthetic and interactive language for this app, and earned the trust of the fledgeling mobile team. The refinement and strong design captured the attention of Apple during WWDC and we hope to have an incredible launch.

In addition to the UI design, Matthew also worked closely with the engineering team to design and develop the interactive system for selecting and manipulating objects on the canvas – helping to make the native canvas experience highly polished and incredibly usable. This work has opened up other opportunities for design within Lucid and set a new benchmark of quality expected from my team.


Matthew O’Rourke