Design Activity: Details

My team has been designing more delicate interactions and specifications of finer detail in our product lately. UX design at Lucid encompasses many types of design – from high-level architecture and business problems down to fine-brush, design details of our product.

Feeling a need to help my team focus in upcoming design work that needed to be detailed oriented, I took them to the Bean Museum at BYU where we looked at a wonderful bird exhibit they have on display. It’s an incredible collection of land and water foul. Birds that seem rather ordinary or plain reveal striking details up close – something most people don’t get to observe in the wild.

I was amazed at the feathers and plumage, and how feathers on the wings, chest, neck and back – each held different patterns, some so delicate it was hard to tell where one feather began and another ended. There were “clam” patterns, “leopard” patterns, even poke-a-dot patterns. Some feathers were outlined, others were iridescent.

Observing and studying the beauty of these creatures was a good way to increase our sensitivity to the details of design, and spark ideas for the products we work on.