Design Day: Wayfinding


This was an Adobe Design Day activity I organized at Hoggle Zoo. More and more of my team was beginning to work with Adobe’s Marketing Cloud product and we were having to reach outside our individual products and consider workflows across the suite of marketing products. Inviting some product managers to come along with us, we went to the zoo where and split up into teams. I assigned each team to find certain animals in the zoo using different finding methods. These methods included: A) using just the zoo map, B) asking others for directions, and C) using environmental clues and wayfinding signage.


After our activity we shared insights and experiences of trying to find animals (using the prescribed methods) over lunch. Some team members wandered, afraid to ask others for help. Others found their animals by remembering where they passed an animal on their way to find another one. I was most amazed at the environmental clues that my team was aware of. Participants could tell they were getting close to the elephants because the environmental signage and aesthetics supported an African/Serengeti theme. They could tell they were close to the big cats living in the Asian Highlands because of the architectural style of that part of the venue. I snapped this photo of a plastic ball in the tiger exhibit. It was covered with pocks, scratches and scars from what was obviously a big animal… a wonderful spacial clue to the part of the zoo I was in. Because of this off-site activity, my team became more sensitive to wayfinding and orientation in big spaces – translating those insights into more awareness of their work and products in the office – and better contributing to the Analytics products in the Marketing Cloud.