Data Icons


The icons set on the green background are a set of “tool icons” that I produced for Remedy Informatics data modeling tools. Because these products deal with lots of on-screen capabilities and abstract data functionality, I increased the icon resolution to 18x18px. This is a couple pixels larger than the normal 16x16px icon size, but it gave me more area to explain these concepts. You would be surprised by how much better I could explain certain concepts with 2 more pixels in height and width – this equates to 60% more information possibilities for the human brain to decode visual concepts to be exact (difference of possible data/pixel combinations between 16×16 pixel grid and 18×18 pixel grid).

The icons on the red background are some additional icons needed to convey content actions and different search functionalities. Again, using an 18×18 grid for icons gave me more enough space to relate some of the more complex concepts and variations between concepts needed in the product.