Collaborative Design


Sometimes it’s good to let digital prototyping tools take a rest. I love the realism and “click-ability” they can provide when working through design problems, but sometimes when I have multiple stakeholders that I need to solicit feedback from – and it’s valuable and important for each of them to hear each other’s feedback in context of the larger group… I go old school. This is especially important when I need to emphasize the value of their feedback.


These pictures are of some hi-fidelity mocks representing a 1st round of problem solving with a data querying product. I pinned these to a wall and handed out markers and sticky notes and as a group, we went through the workflow and capability details with the stakeholders. Sure I could have shown then in Invision and used Invision’s note-taking features, but I needed the group to see all the notes at once in context of all the screens at once. I feel like I received higher quality feedback because of this critiquing method. In some cases, one stakeholder would suggest a change or provide an insight – and be wrong, with other stakeholders thoughtfully correcting them. At other times, a suggestion was given and I was able to see the group respond in whole, with heads nodding and smiles. It was interactive for the whole group, not just the guy behind the keyboard.