Big Data, Big Design: IxDA Presentation


Here are some screenshots from a local IxDA presentation I gave in November of 2013. It was titled, “Big Data, Big Design”. It was an effort to help others understand how UX is a part of the local big-data and analytics industry.

I think the biggest challenge of attempting a 45 minute presentation on Big Data and how UX design fits inside this domain is simply getting through all the slides – along with getting through them in a timely manner in a way that doesn’t bore people to death. My goal was to help the audience understand the complexity, opportunity, and challenge that UX faces in this industry; and review some of the design methods, principles, and philosophies that have helped me along my career path. I think it came together well. There were a ton of questions afterwards and I think I gave my local IxDA group some ideas on how to design and add value to their companies and products.