Sci Fi Experiment


These are some experimental mocks I produced for a data querying product at Remedy Informatics. Prior to these mocks, I had spent a solid month reviewing their existing querying product, both from a heuristic point of view and from a technical-limit point of view. This work represents an effort to “think outside the box” (which I actually call “think outside yourself”). Having done research at grad school around design processes, I’ve realized that designers go through different design phases – which produce different design directions and momentum. Because of this background and experience, I realized I was stuck in a “descriptive design” rut – where I had done a lot of design work, but it was mostly to understand the product and problem at hand. Feeling stuck, I went home for the weekend and popped in a couple of my favorite sci-fi movies and noted the UI and UX design of conceptual design work in them. Then I went back to my work, threw out all the constraints and assumed I was on a space station with touch-screen everything. And this is the result of that work.

This activity and design work helped me break outside of my “descriptive design” phase and transition to a “generative design” phase where I was actually creating new ideas while “accounting for existing product constraints”, instead of designing and being consumed in “describing existing product constraints”. In doing so, I was better able to challenge some of the platform capabilities, and clarify our data modeling paradigms, and get others excited about what the product could become.