Analytics and Reporting


A large part of my first year at Adobe (circa 2010) was working with marketing analyst tools and reporting. This work encompassed a variety of analysis and reporting designs, from website performance to real-time visitor dashboards. During this time, I quickly learned that making data “pretty” was valuable, but second to understanding the user’s context, questions, and role as it pertained to a larger digital marketing organization. These tools were designed to be used by more advanced users, capable of parsing larger amounts of screen data. It also represents a change in the product to more easily expose functionality to interact and configure data in these reports.


This work was evolutionary (not revolutionary) in nature. The product I as worked on (SiteCatalyst) was on version 14 and nearly 10 years old. The reporting paradigm that existing at this time was a mixture of tabular data and graphical data. Some of the interactions designed allowed users to interact with both tabular and graphical data, and have these reports provide the “next step” of analysis.